Jacquie and Jason Hembrey were wedding clients of mine, seven years ago. We became friends and stayed in touch. Last year, they came to me with their new business venture: Lil Gadgets. They wanted their logo and packaging to be simultaneously techie and child-friendly, since the products would be aimed at children. They also had inspiration from the best of sources – a drawing from their oldest daughter.

I recreated their daughter’s awesome drawing as well as I could. The typeface for the logo has a gadget-feel, and I redrew the “Lil” by hand so that there was a young, human edge to it. The colors of purple and orange were chosen for their ability to appeal to both genders, especially an older child (as opposed to a toddler).

The packaging template was delivered by the manufacturer, and I handled the information and branding design for the packaging. Each package’s Pantone color corresponds with the included headphones.

You can purchase Lil Gadgets Headphones on Amazon.com.



My husband, David Block, recently started his own industrial design firm, Studio RedEye. Happily, I took on the branding of his firm.

The concept behind the name was the hard work and late nights that we all put in as new business owners. The coffee that we inevitably consume was the driving force behind the mark – not just a coffee ring, but a splash of coffee. Spillage that comes with late hours.

While working up this concept, I did a black and white version. It looked like ink, which makes sense – sketching and product drawing is part of his process. When the final choice came around, ink was the winner, and the Studio RedEye mark was born.

I put together the wordpress-based website, as well as his business cards and other collateral.



I was honored to be tapped as the book designer and illustrator for Amy Krouse Rosenthal‘s gift book, The Bride-to-Be Book. It was an opportunity to bring together both of my skills — illustration and design — in a wedding-related item! It could NOT be a more perfect project for me.

The book was art directed by Danielle Deschenes, who also designed the cover. It is published by Potter Style, a division of Random House.