my daughter is six: what it means to “nic”

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anna jae and the george, halloween 2014. my daughter — my first of two, anna jae — turned six on tuesday. SIX. that seems so old to me right now. like a big kid. a for-real kid. not a baby anymore, not a little one. she’s six. i could make this a post about how […]

the story behind the rebranding of Tyles

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when i released the first 5 patterns for Tyles back in May, i did it in a big rush. the stationery show was coming up, and i wanted to make sure they were at the show and ready to go. so i found a look that worked for the imagery i had on hand, and […]

one year later, the original Tyles are still standing

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thanksgiving weekend marks, for me, a year since i installed the original Tyles backsplash. yep, my own. now that i’ve launched a product line, with all-new patterns,  i can sit back and excitedly remember making my kitchen look a whole lot better – just in time for the george’s first birthday party over thanksgiving weekend. […]

8 years of “Nic”

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today marks my 8th birthday. obviously, not my personal birthday. but my professional birthday. 8 years ago, after being suddenly laid off, i began to work for myself. and it hasn’t ended up as one would think. i wasn’t the same studio then as i am now. first i was “nic events”, specializing in wedding […]

my “tile” backsplash: a step-by-step how-to

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a vinyl backsplash is a great option for a temporary but beautiful solution to an otherwise drab kitchen. maybe you rent your space and have a bland wall behind your stove. or maybe you’re like us, and are awaiting an opportunity to really tile your kitchen but are short on funds or time (or both!). […]

my “tile” backsplash: anatomy of a 2am revelation

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if you saw my last blog post, you saw the transformation of our home from dirty outdated pit to comfortable, big, accommodating home. at the end, i shared the pics of our kitchen, complete with our vibrant “tile” backsplash. the quotes are around “tile” because… it’s not tile at all. it’s vinyl. yep, vinyl. like […]

our new(ish) home: the final results

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hello all! wow, it’s been a year since i wrote on this blog. sorry about that. new year’s resolution: stop apologizing for being long between posts, because it’s clearly not changing! those that follow me know that we bought a new place in 2012. it was a much bigger apartment, on the ground floor of […]

anatomy of a painting: anna jae’s 4th birthday

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if you follow me, you know that as a birthday gift every year, i do a painting for anna jae. it’s a portrait of her, and what is important for her at that age. of course, each year it gets more involved and complicated, but also even more fun. this year, i decided to picture […]

reno stories! on the hunt…

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this is continued on from “demo and reno“… throughout all of this major reno work, i have been spending a LOT of time researching what we need in the apartment. give me an idea and a budget and i’m ON IT. actually, i kind of like having to work within a budget more than having […]

reno stories! demo and reno…

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this is continued on from “finding the apartment“. as you can see, the apartment was dark, dingy, and sad. the patchwork linoleum on the floors had to come up, the wallpaper had to come down. speaking of coming down, the doc had put up a sheet rock wall between the dining and living rooms, and […]

reno stories! finding the apartment…

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yes! my reno posts are here!! i’ve broken this up into a few different posts: finding the apartment, demo and reno, and on the hunt. there’s a lot that i want to share, and i felt like it was way too overwhelming to put into one long post. for all those who don’t know, dave […]

my life for the past few months

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hello! yes, i’m still alive and kicking. my life has been rather hectic for the past few months… work has been really busy, i’ve been gestating, i’ve spent practically every weekend cleaning for an open house, and dave and i have been working hard to get our new apartment ready by move-in — which has […]