my “tile” backsplash: anatomy of a 2am revelation

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if you saw my last blog post, you saw the transformation of our home from dirty outdated pit to comfortable, big, accommodating home. at the end, i shared the pics of our kitchen, complete with our vibrant “tile” backsplash. the quotes are around “tile” because… it’s not tile at all. it’s vinyl.


yep, vinyl. like vinyl decals. we may think of many things with vinyl decals — trade shows, cute kid’s room decoration, inspirational wall quotes. they were very popular a few years back, and so i would have thought they would have been used for everything by now. but nope… not this. not a backsplash.

we bought and renovated our home in the past 1.5 years. though our kitchen had been technically done for a while, our backsplash was still exposed plaster and sheet rock. with big holes in it from electrical work. i planned on doing the tiling myself, and i have the tile all picked out, but i don’t have the time right now to do it. and frankly, we’re a little bit out of funds.

we were about to have both of our families over for the george’s first birthday during thanksgiving weekend, and i couldn’t bear the idea of our kitchen still looking like a construction zone after a year in the apartment. so, i tried to come up with ideas on what i could DIY that would be inexpensive and easily achievable. wallpaper? no, i wouldn’t want to try to take it down later. tin? no, i still needed adhesive and nails. at two in the morning, like most great ideas, it came to me — a vinyl backsplash! i work with vinyl at my trade shows, i know how to handle it. it is fairly inexpensive to produce, and easy to remove. it’s the perfect solution!

i have never seen this done before, and after doing a google search on it, i still haven’t. which surprised me — it seemed so economical and like such a great option for a temporary but AMAZING space. i contacted my vinyl guy — don’t we all have vinyl guys? — and i asked if my project idea would be doable. he said yes, and i set to work on 4in “tiles” (to work within regular tile parameters), inspired by moroccan design.








when i finished the original design, i put the “tiles” together and decided i liked the final pattern.


i then picked out the colors from the list available to me from the vinyl manufacturer, and sent it off to get made. the vinyl came back to me in two long sheets done to my size specifications, and i cut and applied it as necessary.




if you want this done, you can definitely do it. do a simple google search for vinyl printers that do custom work. the rolls of vinyl are usually only 24″ high, but they can usually make as long of a sheet for you as you like. my printer made an 8′ long sheet and a 5′ long sheet for me, for each wall. you can do the design on a big white sheet of vinyl, but that looks a bit tacky to me. so instead i opted to have the pattern shapes cut, so each shape is on the wall by itself.

i’ve had a few requests for designs such as these, and i am considering it. =) feel free to contact me if you are interested.

my next blog post will be a step-by-step how-to of the application process. check it out!


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