If I do an illustration of Anna Jae every year for her birthday, I have to do the same for The George. (Oh, yes, I call him The George. He even has his own hashtag. Follow him on social media at #thegeorge.)

The George is quite a big boy. He’s always been at the top of, or off, the charts in weight and height. He eats constantly, has huge hands and feet, and is quite the happy physical child. At a year, he was already wearing 24month or 2T clothing… Nothing small about my second kid.

So for his first birthday, I opted to illustrate him as a giant baby, towering over the Victorian houses in our part of Brooklyn. I photographed him in a few different ways, including a shot with his sister’s Victorian-style dollhouse. Then I added in some more houses that were found around Ditmas Park, trees, and of course, something to eat.

When making his birthday invitation, I removed some of the background painting and reverted much of the illustration back to the original pencil sketch — keeping only The George in full color. I then added in sensational headlines and call-outs so that it would feel like a cover from Weekly World News. Happy birthday, giant baby!

Follow here to see what I come up with for The George’s second birthday painting. It’s sure to involve food, running, and a really big smile.